Vitaliy’s Feedback on Hair Transplant – 3000 Grafts

Vitaliy’s Feedback on Hair Transplant – 3000 Grafts

One and a half years ago, I received a hair transplant to the frontal and parietal zones at the Tsilosani Hair transplantation Clinic .

The problem of baldness disturbed me long ago, but I couldn’t decide on hair transplant surgery. Over the years, as the bald zone became very big, I started looking for a clinic that could meet all of my needs. As a first step, I looked through a vast number of sites and a large amount of information on the procedure, and after searching for a long time, I decided to receive my hair transplant at the Tsilosani Hair transplantation Clinic.

On the web site of Tsilosani Hair transplantation Clinic, I found a detailed description of the entire hair transplant procedure and surgery methods, as well as a lot of video and photo materials on surgeries and results. All of the information was clear and had credibility, because all of the photos and results are different, and there are not only three or four photos, but dozens of them.

I filled in their questionnaire and sent my photos, as well. I received a reply almost immediately; we corresponded a little and specified all of the necessary details. I asked all of the questions I could think to ask, and the date of my surgery was scheduled soon thereafter. As the date of my hair transplant coincided with my vacation, I decided to spend it in Tbilisi. I had dreamed of visiting Georgia for some time, so it was quite exciting! A representative of the clinic met me at the airport and took me to the hotel. On the day following my arrival, I received my examination at the clinic, and the surgery began. I won't describe the details of the operation, because everything was exactly as it is described on the web site. The transplantation process lasted about five hours. I didn't feel any pain, because the anesthesia was effective 100% of the time. I didn't feel any discomfort and even talked and watched TV, stood up to visit a toilet and warm up, and was able to have a bite to eat.

Many write about the warm welcome they have received here, so it was already clear prior to my visit that people would be attentive and sympathetic. Once I arrived, I was treated exactly as a dear guest, and I am now personally convinced of the Georgian hospitality about which I had heard so much. Looking back on that time now, I remember my visit to Georgia with much warmth and happiness. I am very happy with the result of the hair transplant surgery! Now I have great hair, as can be seen in my photos. I recommend Tsilosani Hair transplantation Clinic to all balding patients! You won't regret it!

You can always get my phone number, if you would like to do so, and I can share my experience with you! All the best, and THANKS to Tsilosani Hair transplantation Clinic!!!