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The story of hair transplant success of Maksim

The story of hair transplant success of Maksim

I want to retell only about things which I have passed through by myself. So, let’s start. As many others do, all interesting information on hair transplantation I have gathered from the Internet. From the beginning it was difficult to understand a huge flow of information, but over the time I’ve learnt how to separate a seed from a ryegrass, thus, finally there was a choice only between two clinics – “Hair” and “Talizi”. I decided on Talizi for several reasons:

1 – Price
2 – Service
3 – Experience

When you find yourself in an alien city, it is important, that someone arranges your accommodation and stay.

The first problem, that encounters probably everyone who decides on hair transplant, is financial problem. I had to solve this problem by means of bank. The procedure of the loan receiving took two months in my case. I already thought that any day I will receive my money, but my manager, scoundrel, surprised me – he made a mistake in the contract due to which I had to undergo all procedure all over again, and it took another month of anticipation. Well, hope they will get their 7th degree of baldness for their carelessness. In general, I received money, but my tortures didn’t finish. I bought two ways air tickets, and started to wait for the day of departure.

And here the day “X” came. I was in the airport in two hours prior the departure, as necessary. Weather in my city was tolerable, but outside the city it stormed in a not-childish way. You couldn’t see anything in ten steps, wind was very strong – it was almost impossible to stand on your feet, so, some vague doubts began to torment me. It wasn’t necessary to wait for a long. Flight was postponed for two hours, then for another three hours, and by the evening it was cancelled at all because of weather conditions. There were two flights a week. During those ten days, it stormed only on days of flights. I already began to think that there is another kind of problem, maybe I had to buy a black chicken to kill it, and to distribute meat (to make a sacrifice). But I didn't want to recede.

Thus, having overcome all tricks of fortune, I finally found myself inside of the liner following on a route Aktau - Tbilisi. Flight time was 4 hours. In my city snowdrifts are higher than a roof, and they have a spring in a full bloom, weather is charming, the sun, birds sing, beauty in general. Representatives of the clinic by a car, more exact the minibus, met me at the airport, and took me to a great hotel, accommodated. I was pleasantly surprised by free three days of accommodation and by free food. What about food, it is a separate huge subject for conversation.

I arrived on Saturday evening, but as I am a foreigner, day of the surgery was sheduled on Sunday. For the sake of me full team of the clinic came to work, and it is 12 people! So, on Sunday morning, at 11:00 am, we were already in the clinic. Inspection was performed by the chief physician (he is a director). He operates all visitant patients himself. That is a rule. They checked density of my hair, possibility of a donor zone, mobility of skin on a nape, and as a result, came to the conclusion. Density was 80 grafts per sq. cm. Allegedly, it is possible to take 4400 grafts without prejudice to my donor zone. The length of a strip was 28 cm, the maximum width in the middle was 2.8 cm; I have an excellent mobility on my nape therefore they could cut a rag of such width.

Further they took me to the cabinet where they shaved my nape, and also smoothed a recipient zone out of the remained lanugo hairs. By the way, before the surgery I was acquainted with all medical staff, they showed me the equipment they work with, photos of patients before and after hair transplant procedure. Then took me to the dining room where the good table was ready. I won't describe what was there, but there were a lot of things. While I was sitting and tasting these viands, they injected an anesthetic solution in my head. I felt only two first pricks, and further only some tension of the head skin was felt as physical solution was being injected.

Upon completion of the first stage they put me on medical table facedown, turned on a music, it was the Beatles, enclosed a special pillow with an opening in the middle in order to scratch my nose if I want to, and donor strip extraction began directly. I lay quietly, listened to the music, I felt no pain at all, only touches and skin tension on a nape were felt. Procedure took 45 minutes instead of 30 usual. Further they led me to a dining room again, and we had a bite. Then I sat in a chair and the following procedure, the creation of micro apertures in recipient zone, began.

One end of a wire was connected to my wrist, and the second end had the surgeon on a special scalpel, there was a box in which the quantity of the created apertures was displayed in front of my eyes, and the surgery began. I was in such position for 1 hour, and meanwhile eight assistants worked on division of my hairs, as a result they got 4633 grafts. After they made 4633 micro apertures, and again I had a chance of short rest, I descended in a toilet and the last and the most responsible part of the surgery, grafts placement, began.

Assistants placed grafts, 5-6 people worked with my head, three of them were putting grafts and two others cleaned away blood clots. During the surgery I managed to watch one movie but not entirely. By 17:00 everything was already done. I paid for 4600 grafts, and 33 grafts they gifted me (it is the rule of a good form). My head swelled in a strange manner, ears were bulged, but I felt no pain at all. They gave me 4 packs of a pain killer for two days and took away to the hotel, told me not to worry - in the morning everything will disappear. And it really disappeared. I slept not well as I was afraid to damage my new hairs.

Next day was Monday. When I woke up they took me to the excursion to the mountains, it was very beautiful there! By the time of dinner we went to the restaurant, ordered a little bit by their measures, and it was possible to feed an army with the food we had on our table! They arranged a gastronomic terror for me. We finished dinner in 2 hours, and they took me to the car by hands though I was sober, my stomach simply swelled and feet didn't want to leave that place (I demanded the continuation of a banquet). On Tuesday we walked around the city with a guide, examined many sights, made photos, returned to the hotel in the evening, and in the morning at 6:30 am car came and took me to the airport. At parting they invited me to come in Tbilisi with my family on vacation.

This is how my hair transplant trip to Talizi completed. Everything took 5 days. See photos below. Now all I can do is waiting for results. I hope you are not bored reading my report! If you have any questions, feel free to write, I will answer as soon as I will have an opportunity. THANKS FOR ATTENTION!

Here one month has passed since the day of the surgery, my well-being is excellent, and hairs fell out as they said it would be; only 15 – 20% from the whole quantity of transplanted hair remained. In three weeks I started applying Minoxidil 2%; let’s see the reaction of my baldness. At first my head was shelled, but then it passed; now I experience no adverse effects. The seam is being healed very fast, scratch is hardly visible, and tension disappeared at all. Now I have to wait only for hairs to sprout out.

Dare because it is told: "The road will be handled by a walker". I wish you good luck in your undertakings.

As for my case, my hair showered by the end of the first month, only about 15-20% of a total number of transplanted grafts remained (as well as it was planned). The seam is almost imperceptible. Reddening in the recipient zone descended through the three and half week. In any case, it’s better to see than to hear, a picture is worth a thousand words. Therefore I’m attaching some photos - one month and two days after my surgery.

The surgery was conducted on March 2, 2008 and for the moment only two months and three days passed so there is no great result visible yet, but insignificant growth is already observed. I think it is necessary to wait for 3–4 months at least. Three weeks later I started to use Minoxidil 2% and as soon as it will come to an end, I will start using 5%.

On numerous requests of interested ones, and also on the special invitation of the chief PR manager of Talizi clinic, knocking out the door, Maxim Rudich enters with a big bag of his photos. Appreciate, but please, be great hearted.

Two months after the surgery, back view:

My baldness two months later:


Three months later:

Four months later, back view:

Face forward:

Side view:

Central parietal part:

My bald head 6 months before the surgery:

Here our slide show is finished. See you next month! (Waiting for your feedback)

So busy at work, but anyway I attach my photos – 5 months after the surgery:

6 months:

What can I say; I’m waiting for a further progress, only 6 month passed.

Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched. So I will wait for March of the next year.

Hi everyone! It is time to appear and to report about my results.

7 month after:

By the way I still have pimples on my head that testifies that new hairs are carving their way to the top.

The seam is almost resolved.

9 month after the surgery in Talizi. Photos are made in Talizi prior the second surgery.

Happy new year everyone! Well, New Year's salutes, toasts, congratulations are behind. I reached a computer and decided to report about Talizi work once again. On December 20, 2008 I went on the second session of “defragmentation” of my scalp, I planned to transplant 4500 grafts, but the doctor recommended me only 3500 grafts. The clinic should be interested in earning as much as possible, but it shouldn't tradeoff in quality of the performed surgery. I think, this once again testifies to honesty and decency of Talizi clinic staff in attitude towards their patients. As a result it turned out 700–800 grafts by FUE method, the other 2800 grafts were taken by the Strip method. I paid 4000 euros for everything though by calculations I had to give 4400 euros, so 400 euros are some kind of New Year's gift from the director of Talizi clinic, Akaki Tsilosani, for what I am very grateful.

This time my flight passed without problems and delays, everything was done in 3 days. I arrived on Sunday morning, surgery was appointed on Monday, and on Sunday we rode whole day long doing shopping with Alik. On Monday I saw the new building of the clinic and everything inside. The clinic is equipped state-of-the-art, in a lobby there is a beautiful aquarium, with beautiful small fishes, and a girl who meets you is just irresistible. In a word, beauty and purity! Clinic is equipped with video cameras, there are two surgical rooms, and even walls of clinic are enlightened with special mascots.

On December 22 at 9:30 am I was already in the clinic, they met me; video cameras recorded our meeting (the video operator promised to send a copy to my email). I am waiting.

After friendly embraces we moved in a dining room, we drank a cognac for a meeting, the next step was hairdressing salon, they cut and shaved my hair very quickly, feels like they are great at this. I felt a little sorry about my hair on the floor; I waited for them to grow during nearly 10 months! As soon as they finished, Zaza entered the room (he just came back from a business trip to France), it is a pity he didn't find me "hairy”. While they injected an anesthetic to me, Zaza was telling girls about France, how he spent time in Paris. Girls listened to him with mouth agape (probably they envied him, Paris is a dream of all women).

Well let’s move on. So, having received my dose of anesthetic, I laid down and the procedure of grafts harvesting began by the FUE method. It lasted a couple of hours, maybe more, I didn't watch time, and I slumbered periodically. Anesthetic did the part. Then time for the Strip method came. The doctor was grateful that I stretched my scalp so good by making massages. The seam turned out simply lovely sight. Tension on my nape almost wasn't felt. After a small break, we proceeded by placing the grafts. I stayed in surgical chair till 19:00 without interruption. By the evening I didn’t want just to eat, I wanted to “gobble”! By the end of the surgery head was so big! Cap was hardly pulled on my head’s tip, in the hotel a "TADPOLE" looked at me from a mirror. I asked the hotel hostess to serve everything and in a big amount for supper. I had a wonderful supper. I didn't sleep almost the whole night, I watched TV (probably I slept in a chair a little).

The next morning I went to the clinic for a survey, they removed a bandage; everything was ok. During the daytime we drove the city with Zaza by his BMW, in the evening we went to the restaurant, flowers salad was very pleasant. At night Alik took me to the airport and I departed home. That's all. Now I have to wait for grafts to sprout out. Result. 8133 grafts for two sessions. Don't consider this manuscript to be an advertisement. I just share my impressions and own experience, I hope it will be useful for someone.

Photos are attached

Top view:

Side view:

Back view:

One month after the second surgery (3500 grafts)

Top view:

Side view:

Time goes slowly. Let it sprout out faster! I have dreams on night, and I am hairy in that dreams, hairy in an appropriate place!

Here I found my old photos, before transplantation, I’m so bald!!!!!!!

Wet hair:

9 months and 20 days separate my hair transplant surgeries. I’ve read that one can repeat hair transplant surgery in 9-10 months, and if you plan to transplant in neighboring zone, you can do it in 6 months. So I decided to conduct it a bit earlier, so, by summer my hair will grow a little longer.

Here I’ve bought a comb. Now I already have something to brush, hope it will be better in future. 4 months after the second session have passed.

Everything is ok on my head: hairs sprout out, get longer, thicker, there is only one trouble, I’m a perfectionist, I want it all to be ideal, as it was when I was 18, well, at least, when I was 25. I will attach photos later. Good luck everyone!

Hi everyone! Here is another photo report…

11 months passed since my second surgery, see the result.

If you have questions, feel free to write me! Best regards, Maxim.

Hello everyone! I decided to post more photos in New Year eve.

11 months and 14 days after the second surgery.

Best regards, Maxim.

Few photos made in Tbilisi prior the third hair transplant:

After the third hair transplant, 2500 grafts were transplanted (2000 by the Strip method + 500 by the FUE method):

Walking in the park, the next day after the surgery.

Everything is in your hands! Go forward!

Doing all right, excellent I can say! Its spring time, I have a lot of work, and absolutely don’t have a spare time, even to check my mailbox. If my wife didn’t tell me that the letter came, I wouldn't know that. Temporarily, I don't have new photos, my spouse sold camera, as soon as we will buy a new one, and I will shower on a forum. By the way I agitated Ramazan from the city of Aktau to visit Talizi; he called me very often, asked for advice, and now, after the surgery he consults with me. Many thanks to the whole Talizi staff.

your Maxim.

Hello everyone!
Excuse me for my long absence! I’m finally ready to write my next report on the work done by Talizi hair transplant center. One year and 9 months passed since my third hair transplant. During the first surgery it was transplanted 4600 grafts, 3500 grafts during the second, and 2500 grafts during the third. Everything passed well, even perfectly, hair grew. Shortly: "I’ve solved my problem with hair", my interests changed. Now I’m fond of spearfishing, I dedicated all my free time to this hobby. I spend plenty of time online, but already on spearfishing. As a parting word to future patients I will tell this, don’t be afraid to go (to fly, to float) to Georgia, Talizi is the only clinic really approached to the people, I mean price/quality ratio, and choose only that clinics which specialize on hair only. Be aware of clinics and doctors who do everything, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask your doctor, you have to learn as much as possible about the forthcoming surgery and about the postsurgical period because this is your health and your head. Remember doctor can recommend you a quantity of grafts, but a decision is yours, if you decided on surgery, go FORWARD, if there are any doubts, study a question thoroughly, try to communicate to those patients who already passed through it, and don't listen to those who is engaged in phrase-mongering (ARGUES ON THAT THROUGH WHAT DIDN'T PASS).

I want to thank one more time all workers of Talizi clinic for their help, understanding, and I wish you all the best!

Sincerely yours,