The Combined Method of Hair Transplant (FUT + FUE)

Hair transplant with combination of FUT + FUE methods

Hair Transplant with combination of two main methods – FUT + FUE means harvesting the donor material from occipital area in a way of strip excision and extraction of individual follicular units from occipital area and sometimes from alternative body zones (beard, chest, shoulders, pubic and etc.) with less invasive, seamless method – FUE. Combination method gives opportunity to increase and achieve maximal number of grafts even in case of poor donor supplies, poor scalp laxity in high levels of androgenic alopecia’s.

In 2006, trying to maximize the donor supply, Dr. Tsilosani has started combining FUT and FUE methods. With Robert True and Marcio Crisostomo he is named as a pioneer in combination of FUT and FUE.

Video of Hair Transplant Surgery by Combined Method (FUT + FUE) of a patient from Kazakhstan Maxim